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Brand & Creative Director

360° Brand Management

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Curious, non-conformist, passionate about working to empower brands, creativity, sustainability, technology, and people-centered design.

More than 17 years leading strategy, brand activation, creativity, and innovation, building and managing multidisciplinary teams in all parts of the process, analysis, clarification, ideation, and 360º implementation (marketing, communicaction, design, PR, content, new products, technology, sustainability...)

I have boosted brands internally and externally, achieving excellent results in terms of both positioning and impact on business figures. I have helped brands such as Bentley / Rolls Royce, El Pozo, ASV Group, Warner, Levi's, Energy Sistem, NEOM Sindalah Island, Ecolife, Ribera Salud Group, Obra Social Caixa, Shiro Helmets, Suma Gestión Tributaria, Maison Parfum, Caja Rural... And in fashion and textile, I have been working in branding, sustainability and circularity projects with Ecolife + Desigual, El Ganso, H&M, Diesel, Kering Group, Albini Group, Ternua Group, Blue Banana, Hugo Boss, Decathlon, etc.

I am currently Creative & Brand Senior Manager of NEOM Sindalah, helping to boost the brand of the first luxury island to open this year in Saudi Arabia.

My academic background is very broad, always going ahead in order to give the maximum in my work. I have a Degree in Advertising and PR, a Master in Innovation and Creative Technologies, Executive Programmes in Artificial Intelligence, Brand Management, Systemic Thinking, Architecture and Generative AI.

I give Conferences and Masterclasses on brand strategy, creative thinking, AI Content & Design at Events, Universities, and Business Schools, such as ELLE Education Madrid, UDIT Madrid, University of Alicante, University of A Coruña, University Camilo José Cela or LANOVA Sustainable School of Design and Fashion, among others.

I design disruptive spaces for companies and architects (showrooms, retail, hospitals, technology, and restaurants...).

Some works

I have worked in multiple sectors: Fashion, Financial, Automotive, Health, Food, Technology, Gastronomy, Watchmaking, Perfumery, Tourism...

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ECOLIFE by Belda Llorens (Case Study I)

Global Brand & Creative Managment



Textile company with more than 70 years of history. It sells recycled yarn to garment makers and weavers. The challenge: To become an ingredient brand and work directly with final fashion brands.


The Solution

After creating a 360º brand strategy, brand platform and an activation plan for product, innovation, technology, design, communication, events, digital marketing, and sustainability, the Ecolife brand is now an Ingredient Brand, working with more than 150 brands such as Desigual, El Ganso, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Kering Group, Albini, Blue Banana, Loreak Mendian or Decathlon, and its turnover increased by 50%.

Video Desigual + Ecolife “The Circular Denim Project”

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Maison Parfum

(Case Study II)

Brand Strategy, Activations & Spaces Design



Premium perfumery company selling premium brands Online. The challenge: to manage to open physical shops by giving them a brand personality and seeking their own essence.


The Solution

A unique strategy was created in the sector, based on the mastery of personalities that has not only affected the communication and design of spaces, but has become a philosophy of work and unique product samples.

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This video is a non-commercial example used internally as a sketch, to present a project idea.

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Bentley Motors

(Case Study III)

Brand Strategy, Activations, Events, Communication



Emblematic luxury car brand with 100 years of history. The challenge: To find new ways of communicating with new targets to increase sales.


The Solution

A new strategy was created in Spain with a different approach both for events and for cobranding actions and communication tools. The results were excellent and we received the Bentley Award for Best European Dealer Marketing.

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Levi’s (Case Study IV)

Activations & Spaces Design



Opening of new Levi's shops in various parts of Spain and Italy.


The Solution

Through brand experiences, we created concepts and actions that enhanced the brand with innovative ideas such as the Tailor Shop in Musical Events, influencers, and live music for openings, as well as the implementation of several tricycles in Ibiza to customize garments on the spot.

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Sindalah NEOM Island (Case Study V)



Sindalah Island is the world's first luxury island to be launched in 2024 in the Red Sea. A great challenge posed by Saudi Arabia to compete in the luxury tourism market, with yacht clubs, hotels, Michelin Star Restaurants, in a unique environment such as the Red Sea and its beautiful seabed, which joins the impressive architecture created for Sindalah by Luca Dini.


The Solution

Together with the team at Casanova Agency and Werock, I have led the definition and implementation with different agencies of the Island Brand Book, Brand Book for Clubs, Naming Processes for Restaurants and Retail, as well as the Style Guide for the vehicle fleet and other general applications for events and brand activations..

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+ Works

Order Book

I have worked with Levi’s, Sindalah NEOM Island, Mister Shoes, ASV Group, Ribera Salud Group, Gruppo Gamma Watches, Warner, Energy Sistem, Luzon Wines...

Spaces Design

One of my passions, the design of disruptive spaces (working with different teams)

Retail / Fashion Brands

Technological / Futurs Madrid

Health / Ribera Labs & Hospitals

Restaurants / Tempo / Bombon Boss

Showrooms / Energy Sistem / Aljomar

Retail / Maison Parfum / Koala Bay

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I can boost your brand and your business to the next level

With a well-developed brand strategy, activations in marketing, communication, design, PR, content, sustainability, technologies to be used or innovation are perfectly guided and focused.

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Brand Strategy

Brand Activation

Creative Direction


Spaces Design


Awards & Conferences

14 Awards and Nominations

Bentley USA Award. Best Marketing in Europe

2 Publifest International Awards

3 Anuaria Awards, outdoor, street marketing, graphic design

3 Alce Awards, graphics, video, outdoor

Ministry of Health and Equality Award. Best Social Campaign

ONCE Award for Best Social Project

Finalist in the Telefónica Ability Awards. Best Social Project

Finalist in the Club Marketing Mediterráneo Awards. Brand Strategy

Conferences and Master Classes

Artificial Intelligence for Business Strategy

360 Brand Strategy & Sustainability

Disruptive Spaces Design

/ A Coruña University / Alicante University / ELLE Education / Camilo José Cela University Madrid / Events & Shows

The Revolution Of Brands - The Book

At the end of 2021, Editorial Círculo Rojo published my first book. The revolution of brands is a story full of ideas and thoughts about the present and future of brands, from a technological and people-centred perspective. Stories, examples and experiences of what brands and companies must take into account to face what is now and what is coming. Strategy, purpose, people, artificial intelligence, blockchain, future design, quantum physics and ethics. A whole host of experiences and inspiring messages.

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